poisonIf you believe your pet has ingested or been exposed to poisonous or toxic substances, do not delay seeking consultation and treatment. Time is always of the essence.

There are two nationally recognized poison control centers specializing in animal poisonings. Both are open 24 hours a day and charge a modest consultation fee. These organizations have the largest databases of substances poisonous to animals along with the exposure symptoms. When is comes to suspected poisonings, do not try and diagnose the problem yourself — call the experts as soon as possible.

If you call one of these recommended centers, record all the information they provide you, especially the case number and call-back phone number. Bring this information with you to Pet Doctor 911. This will allow us to access the records of your pet.


Animal Poison Control Center, ASPCA

(888) 426-4435
$65 consultation fee payable by credit card


Pet Poison Helpline

(800) 213-6680
$39 consultation fee payable by credit card