Dental Care

dentalDental care is an important part of every dog and cat’s health maintenance plan. To ensure optimum, long-term health, you should begin brushing your pets’s teeth when he or she is young. Start slowly and make it fun! Use a toothpaste made for pets and a pet toothbrush, pediatric toothbrush or even a piece of gauze wrapped around your finger.

Begin by cleaning the front surface of one or two teeth and you can gradually progress to include all teeth. Once accustomed to regular brushing, most pets seem to enjoy it.

Pet Doctor 911 also carries several foods available that are formulated to reduce tartar build-up.

Most dogs and cats will eventually need a professional dental cleaning using an ultrasonic scaler such as your dentist might use. We also hand scale the teeth under the gum line where tartar often accumulates (sub gingival root planing), then polish the teeth to reduce the recurrence of tartar buildup. Dental procedures are performed using the same inhalation anesthetic and careful monitoring techniques that we use for our surgical patients. Many pets have their teeth cleaned on an annual basis to help ensure optimal oral health.

Discuss your pet’s dental care with one of our doctors during your next visit.